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NOSaltres - mostra de teatre inclusiu


creació i direcció DIDIER RUIZ 

10 A 12/05
Temporada 2017 - 2018

La temporada passada ens va obrir la memòria donant veu als avis de Gràcia. Ara ens proposa obrir els ulls i el cor davant dels qui tenen una identitat sexual que no es correspon amb la biològica.

Fitxa artística

repartiment en curs

col·laboració artística Tomeu Vergés / il·luminació Maurice Fouilhé / so Adrien Cordier

ajudanta de direcció Mònica Bofill

coproducció Teatre Lliure, La compagnie des Hommes, Fontenay-en-Scènes, Arpajon – La Norville – Saint-Germain-lès-Arpajon, Théâtre de Chevilly-Larue, Châteauvallon scène nationale, Le Channel scène nationale de Calais
amb el suport de la DRAC Ile-de-France i el Département de l’Essonne.
amb la col·laboració d'Angels Nogué i Solà per la selecció dels participants
La compagnie des Hommes
 està subvencionada per la Région Ile-de-France en permanència artistica i cultural

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Calendari i horaris
tarifa B
Preu a partir de la data d’estrena
21 €
Preu per compra avançada
(abans de la data estrena)
19'50 €
Amb descompte *
(excepte el dia de l’espectador)
18 €
Dia de l’espectador:
dimarts, dimecres i dissabte tarda
17 €
Tarifa Plana Abonament Espectador
(per a entredes fora d'abonament)
15 €
Carnet Jove i menors 30 anys
10'50 €
Tarifa última fila
(en determinades funcions)
10'50 €
Grups a partir 15 persones: 20% descompte
(excepte dia de l'espectador)
17 €

* descomptes: (excepte els dies de l’espectador)

Pensionistes amb targeta rosa, aturats, persones amb discapacitat, famílies nombroses i monoparentals, abonats al TNC i Mercat de les Flors, TR3SC, Biblioteques i Teatres comarcals. Per als subscriptors de La Vanguardia, el descompte només és efectiu a taquilla.

Grups a partir de 15 persones.
informació i reserves: 932 289 747 / 932 892 770

El public opina

- Vicky translesbian💋 @vicky_yeager - 21 Jan
She has her hands full. Who'd like to help her? #trans #girlslikeus #girlcock https://t.co/0wYYCGreiM
- justice ☮️🌙 @oksxrry - 21 Jan
lmao i just realized today was the day i told my parents i was gay 🏳️‍🌈 | #gay #transgender #trans #LGBT #Likes #FolloForFolloBack
- Wonder Woman! @WonderKristine7 - 21 Jan
For #trans people, new faces provide positive #transgender visibility @parislees is one such prime example 👸🏼 https://t.co/MuOCzCnHiE
- taiakashemales @taiakashemales - 21 Jan
- eltercerlobo @eltercerlobo - 21 Jan
#Trans #transfobia #transexualidad Trump permitirá a los médicos no atender a personas transgénero por motivos reli… https://t.co/tzreonZ0Px
- TSHeavenXXX @TSHeavenXXX - 21 Jan
like and share if you would suck it. join my friends @ https://t.co/mqw7AUIKwH #shemale #trans #tranny #travestihttps://t.co/TZbJ1AiWyc
- libertinlibertaire @libertinliberta - 21 Jan
- Nilukka @nilllukka - 21 Jan
Drawing my boy Inni helps me balance my transness (I didn't know which version I like more so have them both)… https://t.co/hH6Xkz5sne
- Scott's a Witch @scottfolklore - 21 Jan
Help MacKenzie Get Into Stable Housing https://t.co/9daE0lXSDt #trans #lgbt #utah #help
- TransChairArchives @TransArchives - 21 Jan
NOW OPEN! Conference registration for "Moving Trans History Forward 2018." Register TODAY and join us March 22nd-25… https://t.co/74v6GGBQsp
- Melanie Brooks @TSMelanieBrooks - 21 Jan
- iFriends TS Models @iFriendsTS - 21 Jan
PLEASUREPRINCESS - Pleasure Princess https://t.co/a4MoJovNFR #ts #trans https://t.co/a70273nuMD
- PROMOSEXCARIBE(+18) @promosexcaribe - 21 Jan
Nuestro Catalogo de Chicas Trans #SHEMALES Publicadas en https://t.co/FIpi1La9Bl #Trans ☎️ y sus 📷 ver acá 👉… https://t.co/0hIuEGVphw
- ⚧TGirlsPorn⚧ @TGirlsPorn - 21 Jan
- Wonder Woman! @WonderKristine7 - 21 Jan
@TransNewsGirl Celebration & Baptism for #trans #transition what a wonderfully affirming idea! I suppose all in good time...
- Tera Ravenloftable @terasupergenius - 21 Jan
- Kadıköy Travesti @Kadikoytravest - 21 Jan
#kadıköytravesti 05314350232 kadıköy merkez travesti masör merve #escorttravesti #kadıköytravestiler #kadıköy… https://t.co/QkkjLj9eOA
- Muza @Muzasite - 21 Jan
Começa nesta segunda-feira a Semana da Visibilidade Travesti e Trans de Belo Horizonte https://t.co/6QwsV40eD3https://t.co/iwWt9wIHcR
- Anna Nicholson (now with a blog) @axnicho - 21 Jan
More on potential for regret (which cuts both ways!) in today’s Sunday Times anti-#trans piece by @SianGriffiths6 😢 https://t.co/Ik9eI5yAWU
- Dylan Fox @dylanfoxartist - 21 Jan
Tickets are now available for the symposium When #Art is Not Enough: Activism for the #Transgender Community, which… https://t.co/tIrGv450ud
- Kael for the fam @alkestro - 21 Jan
Porque también somxs políticos y merecemos ser representadxs por nosotroxs mismxs. #trans https://t.co/1u3mwuon07
- 🏳️‍🌈Transgender Barriers to Care @BarriersToCare - 21 Jan
We don't know exactly why #LGBTQ have trouble accessing #healthcare, but we don't need any new reasons.… https://t.co/DGt9gnNpR3
- TSHeavenXXX @TSHeavenXXX - 21 Jan
Like and share if this is your dream girl. #shemale #trans #tranny #travesti #transsexual #tgirl https://t.co/UOYKIw6976
- ӀG DancehallGully @Gully_c - 21 Jan
- ӀG DancehallGully @Gully_c - 21 Jan
Alozade & Chico - Badman (80's Records) - November 2016 https://t.co/NiwdAYe7CJ @DeviMilano1 #Dancehall #Rap #Hiphop #trap #trans #edm''
- Sophia C Botha 🏳️‍🌈 @sophiabotha74 - 21 Jan
Yes well to b irrelevant then significantly damaging the #trans community https://t.co/gt0Bj3yIaB
- MollyMetamorphosis @MetamorphMolly - 21 Jan
I hate it when cis people try to tell trans people what our experiences are and how we feel. Like, just listen to u… https://t.co/Tn3DF9iGAO
- Faith Naff 🏳️‍🌈💖 @FaithNaff - 21 Jan
The #WomensMarch2018 is largely an accepting place for #transgender women. I share my thoughts and experience in th… https://t.co/8zRHs6rEPb
- Listas LGBT @LgbtListas - 21 Jan
Beneficiárias do Transcidadania participam de workshop sobre carreira na sede do LinkedIn em SP https://t.co/1w87pZftam #lgbt #trans
- Berry's Barrel (18+) @BerrysBarrel - 21 Jan
👀Sunday Sale!👀 Only 20 left! 10% off and FREE SHIPPING! While supplies last! Discount Code: Glassy #hotwife #xxxhttps://t.co/8B7QiSlavz
- Jovenes Vip @vip_jovenes - 21 Jan
- DIMITRI THE LOVER @dimitrithelover - 21 Jan
- The Trevor Project @TrevorProject - 21 Jan
You matter 🌈 If you're in crisis, we're here 24/7 to support you at: 866.488.7386 or text/chat at:… https://t.co/jIfAuLUFwm
- searchingforwhatever @thesearchforleo - 21 Jan
NEW VID: https://t.co/IS5H5LGr2p (Belated) recap of 2017 incl. loads of travel footage plus some goals for 2018. Wa… https://t.co/ANmlXLyqx2
- ӀG DancehallGully @Gully_c - 21 Jan
Jah Wayne - Gal Bend Ova Remix (Unforgettable Refix @jahwaynerecordz 2017 https://t.co/1clvW0xfhq #Dancehall #Rap #Hiphop #trap #trans #EDM'
- ӀG DancehallGully @Gully_c - 21 Jan
Alkaline Producer Bought BMW With One Song In 2017: https://t.co/CexPmqJZAr #youtube #Dancehall #Rap #Hiphop #Afrobeat #trap #trans #EDM"
- Jade Jericho @tsjade69 - 21 Jan
Good morning everyone. Have a wonderful Sunday.☀️ #trans #tgirl
- The Gayly @thegayly - 21 Jan
- Tiffany @Tiffany_Shemale - 21 Jan
Actually love this snap from last night. Also #poshtoilets 😂 #trans #tgirl #crossdresser #transgender #shemalehttps://t.co/191uOoTNer
- Dan Fishman @TheDanPrism - 21 Jan
This is, as always, excellent. #OFTV has quickly become a fascinating, wide-ranging and insightful resource of… https://t.co/vMJhO5pdUV
- NWPEnfys @NWPEnfys - 21 Jan
I wonder which side of the fence the iron lady would have chosen on trans issues...? We think #trans people are st… https://t.co/oaA6WpZJvL
- GrEG Owen @Greg0wen - 21 Jan
- Sharon Martin @SharonLMartin1 - 21 Jan
- Lorelei Erisis @Erisis - 21 Jan
I might have let a little piece of the Trans Agenda™️ slip in this column. My apologies to the Trans Cabal®️.… https://t.co/WARA7b2Q3V
- 🇬 🇺 🇸 JOMELO #teamDollNature @Josgmelo - 21 Jan
Gosta de ouvir músicas? no ar 24 horas todos os dias #Radio #trans #INTERATIVA Acesse 😍
- TSHeavenXXX @TSHeavenXXX - 21 Jan
- TheRealPeterPorker🐷 @im_peter_porker - 21 Jan
Lani wasn’t counting on seeing Mike at the pool, let alone receiving his thick ebony member. His every stroke edgin… https://t.co/i831TswZWZ
- Jovenes Vip @vip_jovenes - 21 Jan
- AlterHéros @alterheros - 21 Jan
Un guide pour les établissements d’enseignement est lancé https://t.co/2Eqb92zZVA @laCSN #trans #nonbinairehttps://t.co/9kl9yr5qcG
- Lorelei Erisis @Erisis - 21 Jan
I’m still super excited about this! I feel like I leveled-up as a queer!! #queer #trans #girlslikeus #transgenderhttps://t.co/tKYd5gZyJV
- Film Vault Presents @filmvaultMCR - 21 Jan
NEWS: This years Pride film night to coincide with Manchesters amazing Pride month is: #queer #LGBTQIA #indiefilmhttps://t.co/ymDTgQSxyl
- TheRealPeterPorker🐷 @im_peter_porker - 21 Jan
Sara traces her lips around Lani’s, amply applying loving kisses with ever stroke of her stiffened cock. She could… https://t.co/E0Kj2N6qw5
- Listas LGBT @LgbtListas - 21 Jan
MEC homologa resolução que garante o uso do nome social em todas as instituições de ensino https://t.co/Vt6lyRCLeN #lgbt #trans

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