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26 a 29/10
Temporada 2017 - 2018

L'apassionant història real d'aquest actor de la Royal Shakespeare Company explicada per ell mateix. Addicte a l'alcohol i malalt mental amb trastorn bipolar, Lockyer va viure al límit durant gairebé deu anys. De la seva experiència, en neix aquest divertidíssim monòleg. Paraules i presència.

Fitxa artística

intèrpret Mark Lockyer

il·luminació Amy Mae

producció Actors Touring Company

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espectacle en anglès sobretitulat en català
durada 1h. 15' sense pausa

recomanat a partir de 14 anys

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seguiu #LivingWithTheLightsOn i #ATClondon al twitter / @ATCLondon
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Pensionistes amb targeta rosa, aturats, persones amb discapacitat, famílies nombroses i monoparentals, abonats al TNC i Mercat de les Flors, TR3SC, Biblioteques i Teatres comarcals. Per als subscriptors de La Vanguardia, el descompte només és efectiu a taquilla.

Grups a partir de 15 persones.
informació i reserves: 932 289 747 / 932 892 770

El public opina

- Ruth Langley @RuthLangleyyy - 22 Oct
Great performance from Mark Lockyer with #livingwiththelightson at @citizenstheatre so captivating and very well done 🙌🏻 @ATCLondon
- Robyn @RFerguson91 - 21 Oct
@officalmqlprods #livingwiththelightson is truly incredible! Best theatre I have experienced in a long time. Go see it @warwickarts
- ActorsTouringCompany @ATCLondon - 21 Oct
#LivingwiththeLightsOn got great audience reactions in Glasgow - next up it’s @warwickarts @crucibletheatre @thesjthttps://t.co/ldUsX6nqvT
- Warwick Arts Centre @warwickarts - 21 Oct
Captivating. Raw. Illuminating. A must see. Some words & phrases describing #LivingwiththeLightsOn @officalmqlprodshttps://t.co/otiS9CXzNx
- Zuzka @ZuzkaMorriati - 21 Oct
#LivingWithTheLightsOn Standing ovations for Mark Lockyer at Citz Theatre. Go and see it if you can. #Warwickhttps://t.co/qtIjCTUeos
- adura onashile @AduraOnashile - 21 Oct
@officalmqlprods #LivingwiththeLightsOn is a phenomenal one person show. Pls go watch a consummate artist be fearless!
- Harriet Brace @HarrietBrace - 21 Oct
#LivingwiththeLightsOn: one man's intense & awe-inspiring struggle w mental illness. Thoughts @thereviewshub shortly https://t.co/FY7FPLUxpT
- Kim Douglas @kpfdouglas - 20 Oct
#LivingwiththeLightsOn@ATCLondon@warwickarts This is stunning brilliant theatre If you’re near Warwick grab one of the best tickets in town
- ScottishTheatreGuy @TheatreScottish - 20 Oct
#LivingWithTheLightsOn @citizenstheatre @ATCLondon Stunning personal tour de force, manages to be funny yet harrowing. Ingenious + inspiring
- David Slammon @david_slammon - 20 Oct
#LivingwiththeLightsOn is fantastic! Moving, funny and uplifting. A must see @warwickarts.
- Carol Ball @CarolCazndave - 20 Oct
#LivingwiththeLightsOn Outstanding performance by Mark Lockyer @ScotStoryCentre. Moving, funny & incredibly involving. Go see @warwickarts!
- Andrew Corelli Jones @archiecorelli - 20 Oct
It’ll blow you, your socks and the devil away. Masterclass in storytelling #LivingwiththeLightsOn @warwickarts
- Andrew Corelli Jones @archiecorelli - 20 Oct
- Andrew Corelli Jones @archiecorelli - 20 Oct
.@officalmqlprods #LivingwiththeLightsOn was oh so brilliant!! Illuminating. Loved it all. Thank you. @warwickarts GO SEE!!
- charlie ☘ @cmaccoinnich - 20 Oct
Almost glad that #LivingwiththeLightsOn is sold out in Glasgow because I WOULD pay to see it several more times. AMAZING STUFF.
- rocketgirl @edinburghjourno - 20 Oct
If you get a chance (Warwick I'm talking to you!) go see #LivingwiththeLightsOn -it was memorable, visceral, incredible @officialmqlprods
- Annie George @msanniegeorge - 20 Oct
@officalmqlprods Brilliant performance #LivingWithTheLightsOn is powerful, heartbreaking but ultimately life-affirming theatre @ATCLondon
- clairejazz @clairejazz - 20 Oct
Stunning theatre performance #LivingwiththeLightsOn resonating hours later. Next stop Warwick. Don't miss it @ATCLondon 👏👏
- Andrew Corelli Jones @archiecorelli - 19 Oct
#LivingwiththeLightsOn is INCREDIBLE!! GO SEE! One man’s journey to hell and back. He made it through. Theatre brilliance @ScotStoryCentre
- Anne-Maree Dean @oldfashionedAM - 19 Oct
Funny and moving performance at the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival tonight. Thank-you Mark Lockyer @ATCLondon #LivingWithTheLightsOn
- Martin Dowds @MartinDowds1 - 19 Oct
Are you in Warwick? Then go see #LivingWithTheLightsOn @ATCLondon @officalmqlprods Moving, hilarious, unique, healing 1 man show. Must see.
- Katharine Proudfoot @Bearlykat - 19 Oct
Just seen Mark Lockyer’s show, wow. Huge thanks for your courage, honesty, humour & hope! Warwick next week, do go! #LivingWithTheLightsOn
- charlie ☘ @cmaccoinnich - 19 Oct
#LivingwiththeLightsOn was incredible. So intense and emotional, and some parts definitely resonated with me.
- Patrina Finch @Siege_Perilous - 19 Oct
Thx @ScotStoryCentre for bringing @ATCLondon & Mark Lockyer to share his story #LivingwiththeLightsOn. Brilliant storytelling #theatre
- Patrina Finch @Siege_Perilous - 19 Oct
Can't talk: gonna burst into tears😕 #LivingwiththeLightsOn. That's how u do a 1-man show👍🏼 #warwick it's coming ur way @warwickarts. Go see
- Support in Mind Scot @suppinmindscot - 19 Oct
Massive thanks to brill @officalmqlprods for fab #LivingWithTheLightsOn interview @MH_arts. Also thanks @ScotStoryCentre for lending a room!
- Scot Story Centre @ScotStoryCentre - 19 Oct
'It is the sort of play that leaves you speechless and reflective' - fantastic review of #LivingwiththeLightsOn, fi… https://t.co/9oiyxOhZyh
- Support in Mind Scot @suppinmindscot - 19 Oct
About to interview the amazing @officalmqlprods for our upcoming podcast series in conjunction with @MH_arts #LivingwiththeLightsOn
- Laura Dickson @LaurrrraOT - 19 Oct
Saw incredible, raw and honest portrayal of mental health breakdown last night. Frenzied yet sobering. Go see It! #LivingwiththeLightsOn
- ActorsTouringCompany @ATCLondon - 19 Oct
One more chance to see #LivingwiththeLightsOn in #Edinburgh ... here’s what last night’s audience @ScotStoryCentrehttps://t.co/HKKdJmsgjG
- Stella H. Birrell @atinylife140 - 19 Oct
@ATCLondon hoping that review will be live on #SMHAF website later today - thank you for your bravery.… https://t.co/W20Sr7HKnu
- Fleein’ WitchHell 🎃 @toast2toast9 - 18 Oct
Can’t stress enough how incredible @officalmqlprods is in #LivingwiththeLightsOn. Really powerful stuff- go see it 2moro Edinburgh!
- QMUMusicTherapy @QMUMusicTherapy - 18 Oct
#LivingwiththeLightsOn This show @ScotStoryCentre is courageous & absolutely should not be missed. 1 more night in Edinb 19 Oct @ATCLondon
- Nicky Haire @NickyHaire - 18 Oct
Edinburgh please go and see this tomorrow: #LivingwiththeLightsOn @ScotStoryCentre @MH_arts @ATCLondon
- Philippa @PLDerrington - 18 Oct
This is a MUST SEE show #LivingwiththeLightsOn @ScotStoryCentre 1 more night in Edinburgh. Thank you very much @officalmqlprods @ATCLondon
- Nicole @nicolebellcurve - 18 Oct
Just out from #LivingWithTheLightsOn @ATCLondon as part of @MH_arts @ScotStoryCentre. Captivating, raw and utterly exceptional. Must see.
- Sunday Post @Sunday_Post - 18 Oct
|@MH_arts interview: Actor & playwright @officalmqlprods on mental health and his solo show #LivingwiththeLightsOnhttps://t.co/syLRyfBDkF
- Sunday Post @Sunday_Post - 18 Oct
- Gilly Furmage @GillyFurmaage - 18 Oct
|@MH_arts interview: Mark Lockyer on mental health & show #LivingwiththeLightsOn @ScotStoryCentre @citizenstheatrehttps://t.co/A8nV4obVJV
- Sunday Post @Sunday_Post - 18 Oct
'Awareness has improved but stigma? No': Mark Lockyear on mental health & show #LivingwiththeLightsOn @MH_arts… https://t.co/7hO7BIqKqx
- Offical Mark Lockyer @officalmqlprods - 18 Oct
- Elli Kontorravdis @EKontorravdis - 17 Oct
Was at a very personal & expertly perfomed piece as part of #SMHAF17 this eve. Still a few tickets for Wed/Thurs… https://t.co/RPv14cCApV
- Allan Wilson @allanbw2 - 17 Oct
Thanks @MH_arts for inviting Mark Lockyer to perform #LivingwiththeLightsOn @ScotStoryCentre - amazing play about Devil, arson & psychiatry.
- Mark Jeary @emjay1970 - 17 Oct
#LivingwiththeLightsOn @ScotStoryCentre - see it! ! Brutal, honest, uncompromising, heartfelt storytelling #mentalhealth #mustsee @MH_arts
- Rebecca Monks @Rebecca_Monks - 17 Oct
.@officalmqlprods's @MH_arts show #LivingWithTheLightsOn was so strong & moving tonight. Go see it at @ScotStoryCentre if you can #SMHAF17
- Citizens Theatre @citizenstheatre - 17 Oct
#LivingWithTheLightsOn is now sold out at the Citz, but you can catch it with @ScotStoryCentre until Thurs with 2-4… https://t.co/atOeANHD8o
- Ramin Gray @ramingray - 16 Oct
#LivingwiththeLightsOn sold out in Glasgow, sold out in Finland but not Edinburgh this week. Very strange... @ATCLondon
- SMHAF Festival @MH_arts - 16 Oct
#LivingwiththeLightsOn premieres tomorrow @ScotStoryCentre. Mark Lockyer spoke to @ShentonStage about his story… https://t.co/KbhJpiyn9J
- ActorsTouringCompany @ATCLondon - 16 Oct
- ActorsTouringCompany @ATCLondon - 16 Oct
- Offical Mark Lockyer @officalmqlprods - 16 Oct
If you haven't got your tickets get them now! We're at the @ScotStoryCentre from the 17th-19th. You won't regret it!💡#LivingwiththeLightsOn
- 🌹 Vïçťóřïą Kąÿ 🌹 @dustygirl68 - 16 Oct
- ActorsTouringCompany @ATCLondon - 15 Oct
Safe to say that #LivingwiththeLightsOn was greatly enjoyed and appreciated by Finnish audiences last week. Next,… https://t.co/AKVhihwAOO
- Offical Mark Lockyer @officalmqlprods - 15 Oct
"I was left speechless, stunning performance!" Kiitos Finland 🇫🇮💡#mentalhealth #bipolar #theatre #finlandhttps://t.co/vY66bYxi51
- Katri Leikola @katri_leikola - 14 Oct
Wow. I'm speechless. What a performance; what a story. I laughed & cried. Thanks @officalmqlprods 💜 @ATCLondon #livingwiththelightson
- Tuukka Hämäläinen @tuukkalainen - 13 Oct
Vinkki huomiseksi: #LivingWithTheLightsOn @EspoonTeatteri, vielä yksi näytös, vahva suositus! https://t.co/xU00LHf4W7 #teatteri
- Anja Hagström @AnjaT52 - 13 Oct
Thank you Mark Lockyer for the performance in Espoo on Thursday October 12. #LivingwiththeLightsOn

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